Medienkunst aus Berlin

Video, Performance, Installationen, Dokumentationen, Musik, Multimedia, Interaktion, Stills und Objekte aus den ersten 6 Jahren des 3. Jahrtausends.

Mindaugas Gapsevicius

Bookshelf, 2006
20 12" Black and White monitors, wall shelf, variable dimension

Rapid flow of letters and numbers on the monitors has nothing to do with
chaos theory which can cause big disruptions in our world. It has also
nothing to do with hacker's world as one would like to say. Monitors
placed on a wall shelf become a contemporary bookshelf containing in
itself endless digitized textual and visual material. The Bookshelf
represents a network traffic translated into descriptive form,
so the unseen side of "networking" would be understandable or at least
readable. In technical terms the flow of letters and numbers on the
monitors would sound like 'tcpdump', a common computer network debugging
The Bookshelf was exhibited in various shapes and contexts. A Memex Wall
installation, conceptualized in cooperation with, was
shown within a context of a "memory extender" game, the term of which
was used to call a proto hypertext computer system influencing the
development of subsequential hypertext and intellectual augmenting
computer systems.