Medienkunst aus Berlin

Video, Performance, Installationen, Dokumentationen, Musik, Multimedia, Interaktion, Stills und Objekte aus den ersten 6 Jahren des 3. Jahrtausends.

Christian de Lutz

"bulbul" Video 4'45"


11. April, 19. April, 26. April, 3. April - Sound Installtion

The soundtrack consists of fragments of a nightingale’s song, recorded in an urban park in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The title, Bulbul comes from the Turkish and Persian word for Nightingale, and was also the name of a Bosnian night club singer in the 1930s, mentioned in Rebecca West’s book Black Lamb and Grey Falcon.

The sound installation is placed in the garden adjacent to the entrance of the GdK, and its playing is restricted to evening hours, creating an audio palimpsest that conflates the time/space of its recording and its performance.

The recording is also the sound portion of the video Bulbul (2006) which is also part of the exhibition's video programme.



Born in New York on May 27, 1965.

1987    B.A. in Fine Arts from New York University.
1984 - 1987 Studied Fine Arts and German at New York University..

2000 – 2008    Work in digitally altered photography and New Media (Digital      projections,, etc.) Member,, art laboratory berlin; 1999 During a 2 month residence in Istanbul worked on the series 'Istanbul: a City of 12 Million' as well as series on child labor and Roma in Turkey.

1999    During a 2 month residence in Istanbul worked on the  series ‘Istanbul: a City of 12 Million’ as well as series on child labor in Turkey.

1994 – 99            Worked as a documentary photographer and photojournalist in Central and Eastern Europe including the countries of the former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Russia. Worked with the press agency Action Press in Hamburg, Germany and The Chicago Tribune. Lived in Prague Ljubljana, Istanbul and Berlin.

1989 - 1994  Lived and worked in New York. Active in painting, photography, video an installation.

1988              Worked on painting and photography, lived in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris

Christian de Lutz has lived and worked in Berlin since 1997.

2007    -The Digitalised Image, ONYVA, Maastricht,

-Cordoba, GAD (Galerie Art Digital), Berlin;

-Anatomy of Restlessness, fabrik. Galerie, Neustrelitz

-Art Laboratory Berlin, Berlin
2005    -Flora of the Drina Valley, Atelje Paetau, Berlin
2004    -source code images, Prima Center, Berlin

2003    -Europa, Beyond Photography, südost Zentrum, Berlin

2002    -The Balkans in Turmoil, Ramapo College, New Jersey                  
-Roma in Osteuropa, European Cultural and Information Center in Erfurt

2000    -Jugoslawien:Posthum, Galerie K-17, Berlin

1999    -Roma in Osteuropa, Kleine Humboldt-Galerie, Berlin

-Beyoglu-Istanbul: a Virtual City Portrait

1994    -Photo cycle Mostar, Socialni- Kulturni Centar, Prague

1993    -Installation, Williamsburg Art Festival, Brooklyn, New York

2007    -Kunst!, Neues Kunstquartier, Berlin;

-Provisorium, Progr/ Galerie Rigassi Bern
2006    -Easy Transport , Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
2004    -Takt Galerie, Berlin
2003    -Love Art and War, Emerging Arts, NewYork ;

-Berlin Visions, Berlin Kunstprojekt, Berlin;

-Paradise, Alexanderplatz Bunker, Berlin                                                   
2002    -Inaugural exhibition, Galerie Plätterie, Berlin;

-Break 21- 6th Annual Festival of Emerging Artists, Ljubljana;

-Art on the Net 2002, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo
2001    -Daniela Johnson's Take-Away Project London - Berlin - London  Goldsmiths              

College Curating Space, London
2000    -Group Exhibition for the Photo competition of the Diyalog   Theaterfestival,

1987    -Videofestival, New York University
1985    -New Math Gallery, East Village, New York;

-Art center '8BC', East Village, New York