Medienkunst aus Berlin

Video, Performance, Installationen, Dokumentationen, Musik, Multimedia, Interaktion, Stills und Objekte aus den ersten 6 Jahren des 3. Jahrtausends.

Waltraut Tänzler

“observing birds….”

wt/digital archive/webcam images, inkjetprints, 2007/8

Stay-at-home (Berlin) I observed the Zugspitze by livecams installed by the BAYERISCHE ZUGSPITZBAHN BERGBAHN AG.

The Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany and belongs to the Wetterstein range in the northern Kalkalpen. It is located at the Austrian border in the town of Grainau of the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria. In winter the Zugspitze is a popular skiing destination, with several slopes on both sides. The peak is regularly crowded with tourists. In my work I am interesting in iages that are familiar to everyone. Most of them I find in the tools of the internet. I collect them and insert the pictures into a digital image archive. Freed of their original purpose I rearrange them and classifies them in series. My intention is to reveal special characteristics and unusual relationships. For this contribution I selected webcam images showing the beautiful scenery of the Zugspitze. The opportunity of capturing flying birds are rare. Are they real?