Mario Verandi

"Curiosity of the Month"‚ sound installation 2005.

Every month a sound event that catched my curiosity was recorded. The recorded sounds were the product of everyday activities or unexpected situations. At the end of the year there was a collection of 12 sounds each one related to a ?month sound curiosity?.
Later, 12 short sounds compositions were created out of the 12 recorded sounds.
This installation plays randomly the 12 short sound pieces and include silences in between the pieces. The silences correspond, in seconds, to the number of days between a recording made in one month and the next recording made in the following.

CV (b.1960) is an Argentinean-born sound and media artist. He studied music in Argentina and later electronic music in Barcelona and London. In 2000 he moved to Berlin as a guest of the artists-in-residence programme of the DAAD. His work includes sound and music compositions, audiovisual installations, radioart pieces and live performances.
His works have been performed and exhibited worldwide in events such as Interactive Futures (Canada), Open House Contemporary Art Exhibition (London), Inventionen (Berlin), Futura (France) and Stockholm Electronic Music Festival.