Maru Ituarte

„REPRODUCTION: PART 1“ Video, Berlin 2007, 10'18

Synopsis: Scenes selected from Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" are projected onto the belly of a pregnant nude. lmages of a mechanized society, mass movements and the creation of a female android interact with the surface in which they are projected to the rythm of a cacophonous monologue of an anonymous (French) photographer, explaining his work to someone he intends to engage as a model. In this work images and sound appear are reproduced within a subjective body.

2005 – 2006 Research at European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin: “The Epistemological Suicide of Narcissus: a philosophical reflection in the relationship between art and philosophy”.
2004 – 2006 Masters in Philosophy, Université Paris 8 (St. Denis); thesis subject “The influence of Analytic Philosophy in Conceptual Art” under Prof. Antonia Soulez.
2004 – 2005 Licence en Arts Plastiques, Université Paris 8 (St. Denis).
2001 – 1998 Licenciatura en Filosofia (In Mexico “liceciatura” corresponds to 5 years of superior studies). Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL)
2007 Festival Video “Signes de Nuit” Paris, FRANCE
2005 “Transition_MX” Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City. MEXICO.
2005 “Declaraciones”. ARCO. Video showroom. Museo Reina Sofia. SPAIN
2004 Digital Art Forms Festival 3.5. Vancouver, CANADA
2004 “Jouable: Bords-Limites.” Académie Fratinelli/ Université Paris 8. Paris, FRANCE
2003 IVème Biénale de Monterrey/FEMSA, Monterrey, MEXICO
2003 “Purple Square”. Alliance Française de Monterrey, MEXICO
2003 "Peluche". Curator: Marco Granados. Center for Arts, Monterrey, MEXICO
2003 “Fuera de Campo”. XIème Festival International de Performances. ExTeresa Arte Actual. MEXICO
2002 VIème Bienal Regional de Arte Joven. Casa de la Cultura, Monterrey. MEXICO
2002 Art Basel-Miami. (LOVE+IT). Mexican Consulate in Miami. Curator: Priamo Lozzada/ Taiyana Pimentel. Miami, Fl. UNITED STATES
2002 “Experimentation Sonora”. Video Showroom. Centro de las Artes, Monterrey. MEXICO
2002 “Sobre la Ola”. (LOVE+IT). Curator: Juan Antonio Molina, Monterrey. MEXICO
2001 “Sin Valor Comercial”. Centre Culturel Mexicain à Paris, FRANCE
2000 FIAC. Festival International d'Art Contemporain. Galerie BF15 (LOVE+IT), Paris, FRANCE
2000 “Deslplazamiento”. EX – Teresa Arte Actual. MEXICO
2000 Arts dans la Ville. Musée d’Art Moderne, St. Etienne, FRANCE (LOVE+IT)
1999 “El Arte Ataca”. Festival de Arte. (LOVE+IT) Curateur: Guillermo Santa Marina. León, MEXICO
1999 IIIème Festival International de Vidéo. (LOVE+IT). Cineteca de Nuevo León. Monterrey, MEXICO
1998 IVème Bienal Regional de Arte Joven. Casa de la Cultura, Monterrey. MEXICO
1998 “Useless Fact”. (LOVE+IT). Galería BF15. Monterrey. MEXICO.