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Exhibitions: Mesna Galerija Nova Gorica, Slovenia I Galeria Metropolitana, Gorizia, Italy

Performances and video screenings: Mostolna, Solkan I Lectures: Mesna Galerija Nova Gorica, Slovenia


Exhibition: Mesna Galerija Nova Gorica






Artists Installations

• Alen Floricic „untiled no 01/09", video installation projected on the floor, 2009
• Stephen Hurrel, Beneath and Beyond - A seismic sound installation
• Timo Kahlen,"UR", 2005, Generative net art / interactive sound work
• Colective Videored, Members: Camilo Cogua, Angelica Piedrahita & Jose Alejandro Lopez „Videored“, web project
• Paul Mage, „The Eye of God“, Computer Based Art
• Yota Morimoto, „bin2wav [v0.1]“ , web project 2010,
• Cécile Colle}{Ralf Nuhn „Exit-Wall“ , modular installation 2010, Material: 200 electric exit signs, permanent magnets, multi-sockets, metal structure Dimensions: 4m (width) x 2.25m (height) x 0.1m (depth)
• Filipe Pais „The bumblefish effect“, 2010 , Material Used: Computer, Amplifi er, Sub-woofer, Web camera, Aquarium, Aquarium support, Bumblebee fish, Table, Tea set. Nature of the work: Installation
• Mikio Saito „Stripes too Stripes „ 3 Channel Video Installation, 9 min. 44sec+ 11min.9 sec + 6min.37sec, looped, 2009
• Wolfgang Spahn „Stundenglass (hourglass)“, video installation for monitor
• Tina Tonagel "Planetarium", kinetic Installation, 2009, Overhead Projector, LCD Display, Glass Sheets, Glass Lenses, Motors, Camera
• Armin Wagner „The Lame Box „ Instllation 2010

Curators Ingeborg Fülepp and Heiko Daxl: www.mediainmotion.info